Represented, in consolidated arbitrations, 30 claimants whose former investment advisor placed their retirement funds into a Ponzi scheme. Obtained a confidential seven-figure settlement.

Negotiated pre-suit insurance settlement on behalf of the claimant in a six-figure casualty loss matter. Bageant’s presentation of the case and how he intended to try it caused a confidential settlement in excess of policy limits.

Represented director and largest shareholder of $1 billion publicly-traded company in claims for fraud arising from its manipulation of quarterly financial data.

Represented claimant at a seven-day patent and trade secret trial in the Court of the International Trade Commission, in Washington, DC. Prepared and rebutted thousands of pages of dispositive and post-hearing briefing.

Created, on behalf of potential plaintiffs that include some of the world’s largest publicly- traded companies and best-known brands, numerous highly-confidential defensive patent infringement strategies, to be deployed on short notice in the event of litigation from market competitors.


Obtained complete victory in defense of medical insurance subcontractor from class-action litigation under ERISA and Alabama state law. Litigation strategy involved parallel actions in state and federal court; dispositive briefing by Bageant at the pleading stage resulted in a 46-page published opinion creating new law. (The case was ultimately resolved by the named Plaintiff paying money to Bageant’s client.)

Defended the world’s largest online retailer against a nine-figure trademark infringement allegation; obtained a complete victory at 10-hour evidentiary hearing on preliminary injunction.

Defended the world’s largest commercial satellite manufacturer at three-week jury trial of a multibillion dollar patent infringement and trade secrets action. Settled after verdict for less than five percent of the alleged damages.

Defended the family of a debtor from fraudulent transfer claims in multimillion dollar bankruptcy proceedings. Obtained dismissal of the bulk of claims with arguments that urged novel application of Washington State statutes.

Defended an Alaska Native Corporation in two-day arbitration arising from alleged wrongful termination. Obtained a complete victory, including a full award of discretionary attorney fees.